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We're Bringing Awareness to Everyday People About the Beauty of Cannabis

Please note, this page is for educational purposes only. No herbal infused items are being sold on this page.

Things You Should Know:

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    Cannabis is a Healer, Not a Drug.

  • There is a negative stigma surrounding cannabis, but we're here to change that. Cannabis is a natural healer and should be embraced as such. When it comes to cannabis, we want you to think garlic, not weed.

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    You Can Call With Questions About Medical Marijuana Use in Maryland

  • We're here to help you explore the power of cannabis as a natural medicine. We have resources that we can provide to you. Don't hesitate to reach out: 301-913-4652 with questions. Must be in the state of Maryland.

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    We Can Help With Maryland's Medical Marijuana Application Process

  • Navigating the Medical Marijuana Application process can be frustrating and maybe even a little intimidating. Let us provide the guidance you need so you can confidently complete and submit your application. This service applies to Maryland residents only.

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    It's Important to Understand Medical Cannabis Patient Edible Dosing

  • It is important that you understand Cannabis Edible Dosing. The below dosing chart is meant to educate you on the proper edible dosages for qualifying individuals.

    Low Dosage

    5 mg - 25 mg per item. This dosage offers mild - mid-range relief for first-time, non-regular consumers.

    Medium Dosage

    30 mg - 60 mg per item. This dosage offers strong euphoria and relief for the occasional, non-regular consumer.

    High Dosage

    70 mg - 100 mg per item. This dosage offers stronger euphoria and relief for the daily consumer.

    Extremely High Dosage

    150 mg - 250 mg per item. Offers extreme euphoria and relief for the experienced consumer with high THC tolerance.

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