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In the Kitchen with OhSo

We are Sisters, Moms, Daughters, Aunts, Grandmothers and Overall Caretakers. How Are You Taking Care of Yourself? Come Learn How to Simplify Your Daily! Dad's TOO...

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  • 25+ Client Reviews

  • "It was an amazing issue. I love that the bulbs you planted in your youth are still thriving. I also feel a close connection to flowers/plants/nature. So Good! All the treats look yummy! You throw down on the grill and in the kitchen! Your zen space is everything. I'm inspired! And that microdosing recipe for the infused ghee! Okayyy!"

    Antonia, Maryland

    Kitchen Essentials

    What will you get from this Magazine?

    Finding Yourself Again while dealing with Life's Everyday Stresses

    Taco Tuesday Big Family Style

    Who doesn't love tacos and quesadilla's.  This recipe will not disappoint!

    When You've Had Enough

    Don't wait years and years ignoring your conscience. My journey to self care!

    Moms & Microdosing

    How can herbs be beneficial to your overall health!

    Learn More


    Journey to Self Care

    Through lived experiences and education we are here to support you in your Journey to Self Care!

    The Journey to Living My Dreams

    Living and intentional life doesn't happen overnight.

    Generational Curse Breaker

    Most of us carry traumas stemming from childhood.  It's time to heal your fears and traumas to begin to live your best life!

    Real or Fake Blog

    Take a look and see what it reveals.

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    How I Started...

  • Know Your Why 

  • Follow Your Passions

  • Bake From Scratch

  • Family Sized Everything

  • Community Matters

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    Loving on You

    Self Discovery is and Amazing Find!

    Unlearn to Learn New Ways

    Fact Finding Mission

    Cause and Effect! Brainwashing and Grooming are very normal patterns of our every day life. So real that most don't realize it's happening to you daily.

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    We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

    “OhSo, thank you for helping me put things in perspective and understand my value.

    Domestic Situation

    Privacy Respected

    “I appreciate the assistance you provided me when I was searching for ways to increase my pay.  The raise proposal worked and I got a promotion and fully hired as a goverment employee.


    Dad of 3

    “You've helped me so much with my anxiety and insomnia. I am so happy I can sleep again and deal with my daily routine relaxed in the mind.


    Mom of 2

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